How it Works

First, check that you have inclusive calls from your mobile or landline. See our list of call providers and plans which come with inclusive minutes to 0870 numbers. See our 0870 Inclusive calls page for details of call plans. Landline providers with 0870 inclusive call plans include BT, Sky, Virgin Media, SSE and Post Office. Mobile providers with 0870 inclusive call plans include Virgin Mobile, EE (including T Mobile and Orange) and Vodafone.

Next, save on your international calls in 2 easy steps:

  • Step 1 – Dial 0870 218 68 63
  • Step 2 – Enter your full Nigeria number followed by #

Please note: If your call plan does not have inclusive 0870 minutes then you will be charged at 13 pence per minute plus your network’s access charge (BT, SKY access charge currently 10.24/11.5ppm). If you are in doubt please check with your provider before making a call or simply make a short call for less than a minute and check on your online bill details/breakdown to ensure that calls are FREE. BT and most landlines providers charge for inclusive calls which are longer than 60 minutes for any numbers not just the 0870 numbers. If you are making a long call please hang up after 59 minutes and re-dial. Do not exceed 1000 minutes per month or 100 calls per month as your provider may charge you if you exceed those limits. We cannot accept liability for any charge incurred while using this service.

Full list of destinations available with our 0870 access number